I’m so happy that I had a session with you. You are so kind hearted, you have listened everything very patiently. I’m really feeling better, the effort you kept in knowing tiny details about me to analyze my current state of mind is very impressive. Your deep analysis made me understand how should I cope up with things. You are so responsive and friendly. I love to have more sessions with you. Thank you from bottom of my heart.

I attended a one-one session with Lakshimi . After hearing me, she was able to identify the problem accurately and that I would say is her BIGGEST strength. That shows her experience in handling various clients. she is also able to propose the right approach to tackle the problems. Would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help. Great job, Lakshmi!

Lakshimi your the best !! Wholeheartedly your session brings me a good clarity in improving myself. Always to the point and I feel far better after taking to you all the times!! Thank u for helping me guide my life dear!! Also for your timely help

I was so comfortable to discuss with u Lakshimi U gave me clarity thinking on the issue and not to  lose self respect at any cost. Perfect understanding and really very helpful words by you! ❤️

Thank u so much for giving me a hope and motivating mam. After this session my path has changed successfully. I felt better after the session. I really feeling positive and practical now. So I surely achieve my goal with out any confusions. Thanks for giving me a positive hope mam.

The session was just superb all the students gathered in mams session were attentive. Mam made everyone come front and made the students loose stage fear. It was one of my best session and was very helpful

You were, without a doubt, the biggest professional asset to the company. The determination and motivation to complete the work with a smile always made the difficult task look easy. A person with creative thinking and an inspiration to team

One on one session was absolutely a delight, clearing the perspective and your guidance throughout the session was a great experience. The whole new experience of calmness will help the mind to be at ease and that helps in deciding the factors post the discussion. –

My experience was awesome I have a different perspective about so many things you took me thru the issues so gently kit was a straight forward conversation which gives a reassurance for so many things and thanks for the ton of suggestions you gave another choice to the solution. it was very insightful dear thanks a lot.

Actually I’m totally confused in my career path, my relationship life and everything after this session i really felt that I’m strong and I have the ability to stand up for me ..I’m very thankful for you that you make me strong and bold than before will do my best and really thanks a lot akka .you make me to know how to see the life Grateful-

Hi Lakshmi, First of all i would like to appreciate you for your time in providing a valuable One-One session for us. It was a great experience for us. As a mentor, you have a great level of maturity in solving problems. You are patiently hearing our problems and your Professional/Personal way of giving solutions are awesome for our life. You are always a person ready to give support to clients @ anytime. Keep Rocking!  

Hi akka.. Your one of the best persons I have met. You made me realize my worth. You thought me what is self love and how do we practice it.. I learnt a lot about my own self for the first time.. you thought me to think out of box.. you thought me to view people or relationships in a different perspective and how to be happy.. You inspired me.. For anyone who needs to learn self love or practice it Lakshmi ma’am is the go to person. Your amazing. I can’t thank you enough for today’s session.

I have asked some important mystery of my life about which i was searching answers for around 3 n half yrs more. I felt very alone. but i felt her as my sis.. she came out with a good technique and answered 3 different answers and i am going to execute each in my life and also I will share my experiences about the execution shortly. i really felt relaxed and also will follow her and be with her in touch so that i will never feel alone in future. Thank you- 

My experience was awesome. I have a different perspective about so many things, you took me thru the issues so gently kit was a straight forward conversation which gives a reassurance for so many things and thanks for the ton of suggestions u gave.. you gave another choice to the solution, it was very insightful dear ..thanks a lot..

It’s my one of the best sessions I have attended. They way you spoke and the way you taught us was really awesome. I enjoyed the sessions as well as I learned many things. It helped me a lot to improve my skills. I do like your Instagram blog. It’s pretty good. I recommend my friends to follow. Keep doing. We will support you.

I have got the chance to learn from you on the final year of my graduation and I’m feeling happy that I have learned a lot and I like the way you teach and you didn’t show any partiality and teach all of us in the same way, your sharing the knowledge which you have and listening to others which you don’t know is a great quality which many of the people don’t have. (To be a good speaker , you must be a good listener) and you are an example for that. Once again I thank you a lot to give me a opportunity to learn from you.-

You are very positive and calm thinker. Have learnt a lot from you, the way you behave with your students as well as colleagues, the way you talk so politely even with your students. I would specially like to mention one thing because of your Business Administration Classes I started gaining interest in business. And now very shortly I will be opening my own small business. Hope you remember that one day after the class I have told you that I will start my business, you will be the Chief Guest to inaugurate. All the very best mam. You have not only supported me in my goods as well as bads not only in academics but in my personal life too. Thanks for being my inspiration…Mam. loads of luck to you in whatever you do.

I was someone who thought that i was suffering from the fear of death. And I was not able to sleep because of that and I was suggested to get a counselling psychologist session and I found you and seeked your help and I was told what exactly I was going through and what I should do to overcome the problem. Thank you for your time for me and helping out me on the right time. My problem is something which can’t be cured in months or minutes or seconds but can be taken through an awareness about what I’m going through. You helped me out in this. Thank you! Mam

I’m really thankful to you lakshmi for making me relief from my biggest stress where I was undergoing and made me to realize from other side of the angle by listening my whole view. And told to handle the required situations in patience. You moved on and guided with such a loving and caring attitude no words, You are the best in what you do such a calm and composed person and very professional.

Hi Lakshmi Devi, I had an amazing insightful support session with you. You gave me lot of space to share my issues with you, I also had a safe feeling sharing everything with you. First thing, she breaks down my issues one by one and gave me clear understanding on where I went wrong that helped me think better. She also gave me lot of advice, suggestions for my issues to improve myself. Thank you so much lakshimi dhevi for your time and support. I really appreciate your work and patience 😊

Lakshmi I just wanted to give u a huge hug first of all for helping me on a right time and thank u so very much for that. You’re so professional. Felt so relaxed and energetic after having a session with you. You easily grasped the problem that I was undergoing and what else to say dear You are the best in what you doing keep going. Wish You all the very best

Sending you so much of love and keep shining.

Lakshimi Dhevi was very professional in handling my situation. I felt really comfortable in explaining the challenges I am facing in my relationship. She is patient enough to listen to you and also provide a good solution in a professional manner. In my many years of experience the way myself and anyone else would see a situation is completely different from the way Lakshimi Dhevi sees it. This is something i learned after my session. The reason behind this is her psychology degree knowledge along with her experience she has gained, which any normal person cannot see through. I felt a sigh of relief and very satisfied with the one on one support. Thanks dear for helping me out to make the right decision.

Hi akka.. your sessions are like eye opening… I was failing to maintain a good relationship with my husband, thinking it was his fault but I realized it’s mine.. I should take the step. It’s our relationship. I had forgotten that & was expecting out of the box from my husband, but u made me realize that and how grateful I’m for him. That’s wonderful part.. thank you so much.. you taught me how to accept things n move on.. how to handle relationships. I can’t thank you enough for this. Thank you so much for always being there with me.

First of all, I am at my peace and my mind is very clear after talking to you akka. You are really amazing. I am so glad that i came to know about you through Instagram. I was in a very depressed state before talking with you. But one-on-one session was not only professional, but also very friendly. Although it was for an hour, we spoke for almost 2 hours. You didn’t even care about time. You just listened to me and opened my mind. Thank you so much

The best gift one can give to someone is may be their TIME to spend. So thank you so much akka for a valuable time to spend and valuable thoughts and feedback. Actually, i feel light after sharing my thought to you. I was confused in my thoughts whether it was good or bad, right or wrong, but now i made it clear. you listened patiently and then you give me a suggestion and i am very happy that you to shared your some of personal experiences to me as a sister:-):-) thank you again for that. I used to see all your post videos and live programs all are nice and thought provoking all of them makes us thinking in different way.

I had reached out to my friend Lakshmi Dhevi, whom i am fortunate to have met in person and we instantly connected. Because of certain problems in my marriage, i reached out to her after few years and she helped me immediately by encouraging and motivating me to look at the positive side of my life. In this day and age, friends helping and supporting each other is very much needed, and i am fortunate to have met Lakshmi, a warm and loving soul that she is. I am implementing her self love concept, love language in my relationships and exploring more of love and gratitude in my life, and this has been possible only because of Lakshmi. Thank you so much Lakshmi, and more love and success in your venture 🙂

You’re a soul who really cares and do what you’re passionate about from heart. Thank you for listening to my story patiently and telling me how to go about it with simple tools. I am grateful to you for making me aware of myself and show gratitude for the things happened! You’re love is contagious and thanks a lot Lakshmi for our conversation. Loads of love and energy to you my dear.

* Energized and found my love language * Though we all experience the same languages, when lakshmi shared the love languages with the examples from her life…I was excited to recall all the incidents happened in my life *The session was beautifully carried away in our Mother tongue which made the participants to interact with her during the end of the session with ease. *Though the book had many things which is applicable in west, Lakshmi quoted the things which is applicable to our Indian context. She kept intact with the culture, customs and the practice of South Indians. *She made us understand the essence of the book and I’m sure the author is lucky to have such a wonderful soul like Lakshmi who had given an insight to the participants of the session regarding filling the bucket of love…constant filling …as love gets evaporated in a beautiful way. *A lively and lovely session which made me to ponder over.. Keep reading. Keep sharing your thoughts on various books Lakshmi..💐

Sometime words fell short for our experiences, few days ago i had visited another Doctor who game me anti depressants, which gave me too many side effects. I realized that all those tablets took a toll on me! I called my sister for help, She said Lakshmi mam name, by her experience she said you were best, I needed help so badly, i called you, I honestly felt like speaking to family member, the session was so smooth that I didn’t realize that 1½ hours had passed! I spoke my heart out! Said A-Z of my fears, u made me realize that I didn’t have any kind of depression, learned new methods that would help me in overcoming my problem, i felt relived! I hope all these help me, i am eager for my next session! Definitely mam you have next level patience. I am pretty sure you will help more people like me! All the best for your future mam!

Lakshmi is one awesome person with whom I got connected for my one – one support. She is really patience to listen to us and understand our problem and correctly emphasize the situation. She comes out clear solutions. She does her job with absolute passion and interest and help us to overcome our issue. She helps and motivate the people for their mental health and shares some tips for self-love and relationships. Thanks, Lakshmi, for the genuine support. Wish you all good luck in your career