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Online Sessions

Covid pandemic was a roller coaster ride for everyone in life, I was passionately in a thought that how can I still help people to take care of themselves and people around them and also not stopping their learnings and growth in life. That’s when I started my online group sessions. I help souls-built confidence in their life and relationships so that they can have a peaceful life ahead.
Feeling CALM and Confident is every soul right


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Training & Facilitation

I create customized training programmes , sound understanding of needed traits for successful professional and personal life. Facilitated nearly 3k Students, Professors and Teachers from
different colleges, universities government institutions and different forums into various
skills- workplace readiness skills, interview cracking skills, soft skills, communication skills,
personality development, body language, public speaking skills, presentation skills. I bring in
the importance of being in right attitude & emotionally intelligent.

I Love working for students from unprivileged background to give them a better life they
deserve so far facilitated 30 + rural colleges

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One To One Support

It my experience that my client knows themselves better than anyone they are their own (and my) best resource when it comes to support session. I see therapy and support session as a joint venture. A good therapeutic relationship includes trust, authenticity, freedom and positive outcomes

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Virtual Group Sessions

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My life has turned upside down. One word has done it all “Gratitude”. I am extremely productive, performing very well in my business, sleeping peacefully. I should definitely give you the credit! Thanks a lot for your help. Gratitude therapy really worked well for me !!! Your ideas to avoid distraction is a great tool for me at work! Thanks a lot !!!


It was a great experience. You shared a lot of information that should be followed in our day to day basics. It had more information about how do we need to control our emotions. Empathy was the concept which I need to adopt. Nothing is imperfect was another concept which another concept which created a great impact after a session. Thanks for ur effort and time for sharing your experience with us. Definitely after your session the perspective of thinking before reacting to a incident is different. Thank you so much.

Lavanya-IT Professional,Chennai

I am here to Hear!!!