* Energized and found my love language * Though we all experience the same languages, when lakshmi shared the love languages with the examples from her life…I was excited to recall all the incidents happened in my life *The session was beautifully carried away in our Mother tongue which made the participants to interact with her during the end of the session with ease. *Though the book had many things which is applicable in west, Lakshmi quoted the things which is applicable to our Indian context. She kept intact with the culture, customs and the practice of South Indians. *She made us understand the essence of the book and I’m sure the author is lucky to have such a wonderful soul like Lakshmi who had given an insight to the participants of the session regarding filling the bucket of love…constant filling …as love gets evaporated in a beautiful way. *A lively and lovely session which made me to ponder over.. Keep reading. Keep sharing your thoughts on various books Lakshmi..💐