Thank u, dear Lakshmi… This is a wonderful session for me, and you’ve changed my life for better. You are an amazing person to talk to when I am sharing many thoughts with You. You were listening my words and understand my situation and helped me through my struggles in life and I really appreciate your support and guidance. You always welcome me with warm, friendly and comforting with You and was extremely helping me to find solutions in my various problems I have faced. I would like to thank You very much for this excellent help and support to gives me.-

Thanks for the lovely 1 hour session Lakshimi. I felt better and implementing some of the tips you told me for my peace of mind and I am already seeing it work. It is difficult to bring in a change but I am trying my best to do it for a better living. I feel people should meet up with a genuine therapist like you so that they know what changes they need to take up. You made me realize how to express emotions wisely. Thanks much, Will definitely recommend to people. Please keep doing this amazing work. Thanks for being a change maker.-

Hai lakshmi  I have been following your actions on social websites and I thought you would be our comfort for my words just by sharing it to you, To tell you first I was hesitant and thoughtless because after saying this I also had a little hesitation about how you would think of me. But after I contacted you and told you my mental burdens when I could not control, you were at the end of the same amount as you asked from the beginning and the comfort and encouragement you said at the end was very flexible for me. I remember your words and I think I will not accept any burden in my mind anymore. Your time was more useful for me❣️”

First of all, I am at my peace and my mind is very clear after talking to you akka. You are really amazing. I am so glad that i came to know about you through Instagram. I was in a very depressed state before talking you. But one-on-one session was not only professional, but also very friendly. Although it was for an hour, we spoke for almost 2 hours. You didn’t even cared about time. You just listened to me and opened my mind. Thank you so much akka.

My support session with you has been a pathbreaking soulful experience. I have always believed that I am a strong person and my only vulnerability is my unconditional love for my loved ones and empathy. When I came to you, I was in a stage of life where I felt I am caught up in a vicious circle and though I understood that there is some basic misunderstanding, I wasn’t able to spot that basic misunderstanding in my life. You completely unleashed a new perspective in to my life and gave me a positive zeal as your affirmations completely supported my doubts”

Hey Lakshmi first thanks a lot . I was in double minded first and was afraid to open up things to my friends nor my mom. But I felt like telling you I will get some solution. I was in so much stress and depression as you know because of my family life . But you gave me so much positive words and I felt like no one told me these things before to me so that I could have changed. And your words “your blessed” gave me so much positive vibes. Thanks a lot Lots of love and blessings from me

Really your Self love and Understanding humans session very valuable session for me. Being a “differently-abled person i face lot of challenges everyday after your session i feel i lost so much of my life but I dont think much about my past. After your session, I realized how I missed myself. Now I am happy with your self love session and also will apply your words for my lifetime. The another session human understanding is important to me and I learned lot from your valuable session. I read lot of books to understand humans but it just ends with reading your session helped to implement the concept it in real life The way you conveyed the session and tips given are really wonderful.”Something special i feel in your motivational speech and its spreads positive vibration. Thank u so much Lakshimi and I am waiting lot of sessions like this.

Taking up a couple therapy sessions is very sensitive. It’s about balancing two different people, with their different narratives and finding one common solution. You have handled it wonderfully, with gentle highlights on thinks which we both have to see in each other, both negative and positive things. It was such a great relief for me after the session. I was able to rebuild our relationship completely from a calm perspective. Thank you dear