Sometime words fell short for our experiences, few days ago i had visited another Doctor who game me anti depressants, which gave me too many side effects. I realized that all those tablets took a toll on me! I called my sister for help, She said Lakshmi mam name, by her experience she said you were best, I needed help so badly, i called you, I honestly felt like speaking to family member, the session was so smooth that I didn’t realize that 1½ hours had passed! I spoke my heart out! Said A-Z of my fears, u made me realize that I didn’t have any kind of depression, learned new methods that would help me in overcoming my problem, i felt relived! I hope all these help me, i am eager for my next session! Definitely mam you have next level patience. I am pretty sure you will help more people like me! All the best for your future mam!