What I am Today and What I am Going To Be Tomorrow With NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Biggest Gratitude To My Mentor

Ramesh Prasad- OneFluencer

So here are five relatively simple THINGS which switched on a light and changed the way I think and act.

– Lakshimi Dhevi

1) The meaning of your communication is the response you get

As a rule when we communicate with someone, and if they don’t respond as we would like, we tend to blame them. We feel they are overreacting, or not listening, which inevitably leads to a negative exchange of feelings. NLP suggests that, no matter what we think we are communicating, if the listener hears something other than the message we intend, then we have not communicated effectively. This leads to the conclusion that we need to take more responsibility for how we communicate to ensure that our message is being heard clearly.

2) The map is not the territory

Perhaps, this is a fancy way of saying to not assume that what you believe about a situation is always true. We build beliefs, or maps, about situations based on our past experience. A useful and time-saving skill, unless you allow the ‘map’ to limit and blind you to other possibilities. NLP suggests that you should use your map as a rough guide.

3) Act as if there is a solution to every problem

Problems arise and we study them. We look at the size of the problem and we worry about the possible consequences of them. In other words, we focus on them. Then we search for a solution and have to make a decision.

4) There is never failure, only feedback

Failure is a debilitating concept. We belittle ourselves and allow perceived failures to diminish us, eating away at our confidence and eroding innovation and the entrepreneurial attitude. We focus on failure and it acts as a full stop. Recognising that a different outcome to the expected one is not a ‘failure’ but an opportunity to explore the process and discover why the outcome was different. As a result, improving future efforts transforms the outcome into a different form of success.

Finally!! 5- You are in charge of your mind and therefore your life.