The vibes are there to guide us through life, to warn us of potential crisis and difficulties, they let us know where to go and who to talk to, where not to go and who to stay away from Whether it’s a person or a situation, we’ve all had moments when we just needed to walk away. We felt this urge to distance ourselves from “something” that just didn’t feel right. We can’t always put our finger on why but that instinct is right and we need to listen to it.

Learn to quiet the mind and tap into that inner voice. Learn to be still and feel the energy around you. Notice how you feel around certain people and trust that instinct when it says to either distance yourself or get closer.Learn to become a little more in tune with the energy around you and see how you can shift yours to one that contributes more positive and shield yourself from the negative.

What Postivity Gave Me In Life?

The power of positivity can really be viewed as our very own super-power.That can be used for a greater purpose at any moment.  Just as any good super-hero would do. (Right?) It’s no secret that being around people with positive energy and attitudes are more pleasurable to be around.  (Likewise, being in the presence of people with negative energy and attitudes is generally NOT beneficial.)You don’t want to simply THINK about the outcome you want you need to EXPERIENCE it on an emotional level to have the greatest impact it’s one of the major habits of successful people. When you practice positive thinking, you become better at setting the right goals, and better at achieving them. The benefits don’t stop there – positivity boosts your mental and physical health, changing the way you interact with others.

However, even if you know all this, it can be tricky to change entrenched patterns of negative thinking. Becoming a positive person can seem challenging – perhaps you’ve wondered if you’re just immune to the power of positive thinking.

Power Of Positive Thinking Warning: POSITIVE VIBES ONLY

As the Law of Attraction tells us, like attracts like. This means that the more positive you are, the more you pull positive people, opportunities and choices into your orbit. You begin to vibrate on a frequency of abundance. The abundance in your life only makes you feel more positive. Conceptualized in this way, there’s no limit to how happy you can be, or how much goodness you can attract

What Happens if you hold Positivity tightly?
🌸Cope with stress faster and more effectively
🌸Improved health.
🌸Better relationships with people.
🌸Become more focused.
🌸Be more successful.
🌸Feel more confidence.
🌸Experience more happiness.