The vibes are there to guide us through life, to warn us of potential crisis and difficulties, they let us know where to go and who to talk to, where not to go and who to stay away from Whether it’s a person or a situation, we’ve all had moments when we just needed to walk away. We felt this urge to distance ourselves from “something” that just didn’t feel right. We can’t always put our finger on why but that instinct is right and we need to listen to it.

Learn to quiet the mind and tap into that inner voice. Learn to be still and feel the energy around you. Notice how you feel around certain people and trust that instinct when it says to either distance yourself or get closer.Learn to become a little more in tune with the energy around you and see how you can shift yours to one that contributes more positive and shield yourself from the negative.

How To Have A Conversation About Mental Health

Do’s and Dont’s


  • Listen without judgement
  • Ask “How can I Help You”
  • Let them know you care
  • Validate their feelings
  • Let them you want to hear-they are not burden
  • Listen with the intention , not to fix
  • Ask when you have time to listen
  • Be patient
  • Keep in touch even if you get no response
  • Empathize


  • Don’t interrupt or speak over
  • Don’t tell them how they should feel
  • Don’t jump in with solution
  • Don’t belittle their feelings
  • Don’t pressure them to speak
  • Don’t tell them the illness or feelings they have are a choice
  • Don’t say you just need to …..(its not that simple)
  • Don’t leave them out
  • Don’t be scared to speak about feelings
  • Don’t be critical or blaming.

Emotional Stages- Covid 19

As we do our best to adjust and adapt to the current circumstances, these are indicative emotional stages of individuals during Covid – 19.

1. DENIAL/DISBELIEF: This can’t be happening! It can never happen to me! Why is God doing this?!

2. PANIC: I will die! Let’s stock up! I feel so anxious!

3. CONFUSION: Where are we headed? When will this end? How long will this last?

4. CREATING A NEW CLARITY: Let’s accept and get creative with our circumstances.

What emotional stage are you in? And can I help you get to creating a new clarity? Do let me know.

What emotional stage are you in? And can I help you get to creating a new clarity? Do let me know.