50+ Reasons To Love Yourself

Your big, bold dreams.
Your bad hair days.
Your arms that love to embrace others.
Your never-ending fighting spirit.
Your love for family and friends.
Your ability to see a positive streak in the darkest situations.
Your free spirit.
Your reliability.
Your cleansing tears.
Your big, beautiful smile
Your constant mood change
Your distinct taste in music
Your cravings for Food & Desserts
Your healing heart.
Your determination to stand up for yourself
Your depth in thinking.
Your curiosity.
Your guilty pleasures
Your ability to push through the difficult times.
Your seeking spirit
Your love for routine
Your daily resolution to start new
Your distinct way of seeing the world
Your excitement about new things
Your circle of friends
Your eagerness to lean into your fears
Your ability to forgive yourself and others
The fun you have when you spend time with yourself
Your sleepy eyes after a good night’s sleep
Your vulnerability
Your peace of mind
Your super active brain
Your very own revelations about yourself, your body and this world
Your refusal towards negativity
Your way of letting others know they’re special and loved
Your outer reflection of your inner beauty
The sunshine in your eyes
Your anger
Your pain
Your fearlessness
Your fears
Your new discoveries
Your habits
Your glowing cheeks
Your frustrations
Your fat days
Your attempts of finding self-love
Your willingness to find a partner in this world
Your afternoons in bed with a good book
Your very own definition of happiness
Your rockstar abilities
Your self-worth
Your colorful inner world
Your delicate emotions
Your confusions
Your unusual being
Your way of showing love
Your way of expressing fun
Your way of defending yourself
Your way of being yourself
Your ability to let go of convention and live the life you deserve
Your readiness to own of your victories
Your special way of solving problems
Your complete ignorance
Your experiments in the kitchen
Your confidence in yourself

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