50 Reasons- To Smile More Often

Smiling lowers your heart rate, even in stressful situations.
Smiling improves your mood.
Smiling increases your energy.
Smiling is better than chocolate for making you feel happy. And there’s no calories.
Smiling will make you feel happier.
Smiling decreases stress.
Smiling decreases anxiety.
Smiling decreases tension.
Smiling can boost your immune system.
Smiling makes you look relaxed.
Smiling makes you look sincere.
Smiling makes you look nicer.
Smiling makes you look more competent.
Smiling makes you look friendlier.
Smiling makes you look trustworthy.
Smiling makes you look in control, even when you don’t feel it.
Smiling makes you look confident.
Smiling makes you feel confident, even if you’re faking the smile.
Smiling makes others feel confident (try smiling at a speaker who appears nervous).
Smiling confuses people.
Smiling surprises people.
Smiling improves circulation to your face.
Smiling attracts people to you.
Smiling makes you more attractive. If you’re female.
Smiling is more attractive than make-up.
Smiling helps connect with more people.
Smiling can make others, even strangers, feel less alone.
Smiling helps attention.
Smiling helps you see the bigger picture.
Smiling makes people feel positively towards you.
Smiling makes people glad to see you.
Smiling makes you memorable.
Smiling makes your name more memorable.
Smiling makes you seem familiar.
Smiling can make you a better public speaker.
Smiling makes you sound friendlier on the phone.
Smiling makes you less intimidating.
Smiling helps you appreciate the small things.
Smling makes a better first impression.
Smiling makes you more mysterious (what is he smiling about?)
Smiling might give someone hope.
Smiling might brighten someone’s day
Smiling might break someone out of their bad mood.
Smiles are free
They’re quick
They’re easy
They’re rewarding