Search Of True Happiness


People spend hours, days, even years searching for meaning of happiness. What really makes them happy? Is it a new job? A new spouse? A new home? A new car? No matter what you fill in the blank with, the answer will always be no. Happiness is not about who you’re with or where you are or what you have. Can these add to your happiness? Yes they can. Can these things create your happiness? Never.

🌸The dictionary defines happiness as being fortunate, cheerful, lucky, or expressing joy. Apparently it is hard for anyone to define happiness if the dictionary lists it as being lucky.

🌸Happiness is about loving who you are and where you’re at in life. No outside source can give you true happiness. Things can make you happy for a while, but the complete and true emotion of happiness is living the best life possible, knowing that you are an amazing human being So, where do we find this lasting happiness? In the realization of the ultimate nature of ourselves. Everything is here within us. The truth is within us. Happiness is within us. True happiness and peace of mind cannot be found in anything external; it can only be found within. – Sogyal Rinpoche….

What Now?

Be with others who make you smile. …
Hold on to your values.
Accept the good.
Imagine the best.
Do things you love.
Find purpose.
Listen to your heart.
Push yourself, not others.