Feeling curious about my style and what it is like to work with me?

*Virtual Group Sessions

*One- One Counseling/ Support by Online

*Webinar under various human related & NLP based topics.

*Virtual and Direct Sessions on various people related and development skills

One- One Support

I Believe In Safe & Comfortable Therapy

I practice “Safe and Comfortable Therapy” also encourage to cope up and self heal with emotionally instability by making them embrace what they feel. I support them to build their relationships also take care of themselves.I focus on developing their emotional well being, self care, self love and make them achieve their goals and gain more confidence, peace and happiness.

My passion is for seeing individuals establish and restore healthy relationships & sound mental health with peace, and helping people live their lives to the fullest.

Another thing you need to know about me? I truly believe your life and your relationships can get better! It will take work, and some time, but it ABSOLUTELY is possible, and I’m here to help you make that happen.

I view my work with clients as being very collaborative. I believe you bring a lot to the table already, and I want to walk with you through this process.

My clients appreciate that I offer a ton of support and make them feel safe in therapy, by providing simple life changing tools.

It starts with slowing down enough. And getting curious about what’s working and what’s not. When you get curious about how you show up in the world – in your work, your relationships, the way you talk to yourself – that’s how change begins.

Feeling calm and confident is your right. I can show you how.

Training & Facilitation

Facilitated nearly 2k Students, Professors and Teachers from different colleges, universities, government institutions and forums into various skills- Workplace Readiness Skills, Communication Skills, Interview cracking, Soft skills,Personality development, Enhancing body language, Entrepreneur skills & Management skills and also Emotional Intelligence, Life skills Lot More…..

What’s Unique about My Facilitation?
An Encourager in Building Self Love,Confidence & Creating Positive Attitude more into EI, Mindfulness etc.. (Lot More into Activity Based and Interactive Sessions)

*Personality Development Sessions.
*Mastering Body Language.
*Orientation Programmes.
*Employment Readiness Sessions.
*Faculty Development Programmes.

*Teacher/Lecturer Development Programmes.
*NLP Based Sessions As Per Client Requirements.

“Conducting Neuro Linguistic Programming based sessions for Students,School Teachers and College Professors”.

Other Collaborations

-Let’s Work Together

My support session with you has been a path breaking soulful experience. I have always believed that I am a strong person and my only vulnerability is my unconditional love for my loved ones and empathy. When I came to you, I was in a stage of life where I felt I am caught up in a vicious circle and though I understood that there is some basic misunderstanding, I wasn’t able to spot that basic misunderstanding in my life. You completely unleashed a new perspective in to my life and gave me a positive zeal as your affirmations completely supported my doubts.. I am so thankful to you as you are the best thing that could ever happen to me at this stage of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. as I feel like a butterfly flying out of a vicious cocoon that has been built around me erroneously.

— Special Educator -Tirupur

One- One Support Experience

Lakshimi is one awesome person with whom I got connected for my one on one support. She is really patience to listen to us and understand our problem and correctly emphasize the situation . She comes out clear solutions . She does her job with absolute passion and interest and help us to overcome our issue. She is very knowledgeable in psychology study and helps and motivate the people for their mental health and shares some tips for self love and relationships. Thanks Lakshmi for the genuine support . Wish you all good luck in your career

-Employee of Amazon – Chennai